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    • Nature and the Senses & Stepping Through the Mystical Doorway

    • Sacred Silence + Mindful Breathing + Mantras

    • The Science & Art of Nature - Shin Rin Yoku - Forest Bathing

    • Trail Signs & Anchor Prompts # 2

    • On The Trail vs Desktop Wonder

    • The March of the Monarchs: Wonder Out Just For Fun Activities # 2

    • The Celtic Birth Tree Walk Assignment # 2

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    • Wonder Photo Books

    • Trail Signs & Anchors Chapter # 3

    • The Wonder Compass Craft - A Visual Diagram

    • Assignment # 3 The May Tree Guided Walk Audio

    • Before you Wonder Off...

    • References & Book Recommendations & Earth Hugs


  • What Will I Learn With This Course ?

    Create Photography as a moving creative practice each day. Learn the art of crafting your own unique perspective. Find Beauty as you Photograph All Day Long, as well as Creating Beauty In Post Processing. Connecting To and Honoring Nature. Photo Book Libraries. Spend time in nature, connecting & tapping into its vast array of health benefits. Train Your Eyes to See Wonder & Beauty in All Settings. Walk mindfully, while flooding yourself with oxygen on each walk.

  • What Skills or Equipment Are Required ?

    A basic knowledge and ability to use your camera phone or DSLR are needed. Beyond that, this is an accessible practice for anyone. Desktop or Phone photo processing software will be recommended to quickly transform your work into wonders of art; each day.

  • What Is The Wonder Compass ?

    A creative photography practice, intended to inspire your day-to-day creations; your own craft photography. The Why of Wondering 1. Developing your daily creative eye & process 2. Connecting to and honoring nature 3. Practicing and Honoring your Photography Craft 4. Training your eyes to see Wonder in all settings

  • Student Testimonial # 1: Janice Brown Artist & Sommalie

    "I love the way course makes it easy to slow down and look for the magic in everyday life. I live in a big city and I don’t get the chance to go into the woods very often. Taking the time to see the beauty that is literally in my backyard is so powerful. Love the format of the course and the content is simply priceless!"

  • Student Testimonial # 2: Laura Braun Critical Care Nurse

    "The Wonder Compass practice is more than an education vessel of how to redefine the brilliance, creativity, and spark of photography. What stands out about this course is Molly's visceral appreciation of nature and life experiences. Her lessons expand far beyond the camera lens, and help learners to explore the world from a place of mindfulness, appreciation, and opportunity. "

  • Student Testimonial #3: Xochitl Ramirez Academic Advisor Higher Ed

    Purposely connecting to nature is a must a way to care of our body and souls. Capturing nature pictures not only we get to see beautifully places we get to capture them using a phone or a camera to save those memories. I think this course will bring joy to many people’s lives.

Are You Ready to Start a Daily Nature Photography Practice that is Simple and Life Changing ?

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